Christine & Kohl

August 20, 2016  |  Lake Chelan, Washington

Just a handful of favorites from Kohl & Christine's celebration, which I had the pleasure of photographing alongside the sunny & warm-hearted Meghan Klein.

Preview: Aneta & Urban | Pistoia, Italy

I haven't been posting previews for every wedding this Summer, not because I didn't want to (they've been really beautiful; I am feeling more thankful than ever for the people I've had the privilege of working with), but just because I've been rushing around so much it was one of those things that got pushed to the back burner.

Guess that's one of the wonderful things about staying on-site (which is even better when it's a beautiful villa) both before and after the actual wedding day. I've not only had a chance to enjoy getting to know the couple better along with their family and friends as we shared meals, played card games late into the night, foraged mounds of greenery off the property, and created all the decor from things we found or made together, but I've been forced to slow from my normal pace and spend today, the day after the wedding, soaking it in rather than traveling or rushing back to work. I spent much of last night (late into the night) and this morning just looking at photos and re-living all the beauty I witnessed yesterday. 

Please enjoy the tiniest glimpse of yesterday night at the very end of portraits, as the sun was running away and we chased after it into the olive grove, milking every last ounce of its soft rose hue.



Venue: Villa Il Salicone in Tuscany, Italy

Dress: BHLDN

Florals: foraged; select blooms from local farmers market.